Easy Piano Lesson Without Sheet Music

Posted on March 9th, 2010 by Joe Piano in Learn to Play Piano

Easy Piano Lesson Without Sheet Music

One of the very best points about playing piano by ear is that you are able to generally just sit down and perform without having getting to give thought to what you are playing. Most pianists, regrettably, do not truly focus on this simply because they tend to obtain caught up within the require for sheet music that may stifle musical expression. It is what’s comfy to all of them and what these people learned, so they do not stray from it. Here’s how you are able to prevent performing exactly the same.

A great very first lesson to begin with is chord framework and music framework. To become capable to improvise music, you need to realize the rules behind it. There is a key phrase in Western (American and European) music that’s known as tertian harmony. This signifies times of 3; notes are all an interval aside. I’m likely to skip the explanation of notes and times. Suffice to say, times are 1 note aside; C, D, E, etc. Tertian harmony signifies, then, how the chords are dependent on times of 3. The C main chord, for instance, is dependent on C, E, and G – all third times aside.

Chords are created of notes in a scale. Utilizing the C main scale and chord, you are able to appear at the chord and see how the scale goes C, D, E, F, G, A, B, and C. You are able to determine the chord by searching at those times. Building chords on top of 1 an additional and their high quality (main or minor) is determined by the scale.

So, we know the C main chord – the F main chord as an additional instance will be the notes F, A and C, plus a and C also arrive from the C scale. You are able to overlap chords like this to produce a rather good impact, depending regardless of whether you go main or minor. You would not use any kind of accidentals like G# or Eb, simply because they’d make the chord sound really dissonant. Obviously, if you would like that impact, use it, but be certain you are able to do it nicely otherwise it just sounds like you do not know how you can perform. Trust me, I know this from encounter and it isn’t quite. You can do exactly the same having a G main chord. C, F and G are one of the most typical ones, but I also like D. Right here you’ll use F# as the third interval.

To discover out chord notation for an simple piano lesson, you are able to believe of all chords as getting referenced to C. So, a C chord is going to be noted as 1. D will be 2, E will be 3 and so forth.
Most songs will use only a couple of chords, simply because they repeat and supply a good counter to a primary melody. As soon as you understand the numerous kinds of scales, you are able to improvise using the scales along using the chords like a backup sound. One of the most typical chord progressions are 1,four,five and four,five,1.

Should you realize the progression of chords, you are able to determine how you can match the correct scale progression to it to create your improvised songs sound just like they would been rehearsed in advance and not just improvised.

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