Fun Ways To Improve Your Piano Technique

Posted on March 13th, 2010 by Joe Piano in Learn to Play Piano

Fun Ways To Improve Your Piano Technique

If you’re similar to me, actively playing workouts isn’t your favored part of actively playing the piano. If you have taken private training, you might have been through the drudgery associated with drilling assigned workouts every week. They might be scales or special workouts from a Hannon, Czerny or some other book. If you have attempted to study on your very own, then you might have searched out these kinds of exercise books, considering that it was the only method to produce your approach.

Not so! Whilst these drills work when trained regularly, you can find much a lot more enjoyable methods to produce your approach. Think about this: you only require the approach for the songs that you simply play, so exactly why not just simply play pieces which contain plenty of the technique that you simply wish to ideal? For instance, should you like to perform mainly pop music, why waste time (and intensify yourself) performing trill workouts?

Whether you select the conventional workouts or not, keep in mind that building your techique is essential, simply because actively playing the piano is really a physical effort. It requires dexterity, strength and coordination in inclusion to manage for dynamics and expression, so you have to produce your hands. Let us discover some enjoyable methods to do it. My personal recommendations are by no means radical, but they may give you a thought of how you are able to use this approach.

A most essential element of actively playing the piano, perhaps the most essential, is maintaining a constant tempo. A metronome may certainly assist you to achieve this, but also, actively playing music using a rhythmic bass line can assist you to keep the flow from the tempo in your mind. Attempt actively playing some simple sonatinas by Clementi should you such as classical music. Look for parts with repetitive patterns within the left hand. Should you like what I call the “modern folk styles” like pop and jazz, attempt actively playing music with boogie woogie bass lines. Frequently you are able to discover simple, written-out variations of boogie woogie tunes, so anyone doesn’t need to improvise.

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