Learn Online or from a Piano Teacher

Posted on February 19th, 2010 by Joe Piano in Piano Resources

Learn Online or from a Piano Teacher

I have already been asked many times if it is actually ok to have piano lessons online or even in the event that you should invest more money and get a proper keyboard teacher. I think a person should always look at the actual advantages and downsides as well as decide what is best for you personally.

Online Keyboard lessons

There are many websites offering online piano training. The trouble is that you don’t know if the advice a person online is giving is good. When looking online for free lessons, watch out for the sites that say they are free, but they are actually just baiting you to have to purchase a large lesson package.

There are many sites that do offer many free piano lessons, and many of them are good quality lessons too. If you are having problems learning piano from these free lessons you can always hire a piano teacher.

Lessons along with a piano teacher

Providing you’ll find a qualified piano teacher which has a lot of experience and a person can make a case for the actual cost of the piano lessons, than a teacher is a great way to go. If you own a piano many piano teachers will come to your home, or if they are a full time piano teacher they may even have their own studio. Always be cautious about dropping your kid off at a piano teachers home and leaving them there. A parent should always stay as the child’s safety should always be first.

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