Tips On How to Memorize a Piece

Posted on February 13th, 2010 by Joe Piano in Piano Resources, Piano Tips

Tips On How to Memorize a Piece

Whenever I was studying music in college, I keep in mind reading that Johann Sebastian Bach went miles on foot in order to hear the audio of the composer he respected. Then, to understand the audio, he copied it out on audio paper. According to audio background lore, this really is an excellent method to commit a item to memory. Create it down. I’ve tried this, and it truly functions. It is alot of perform, but it places you, the musician, in intimate touch using the notes. Should you wish to attempt this technique of memorizing audio, listed here are the actions:

1) Understand the item nicely.
2) Divide the item into areas.
3) Divide individuals areas into smaller areas.
4) Create out every section and perform it right after you’ve composed it out. Completing the whole item could take days, based on how lengthy the item is, but I believe the time and effort is nicely worth it.

Below are some other methods which have worked for me:

Sing the audio. Even if it is not a vocal item, you are able to nevertheless hum or “la la la” the tune. This will help make memorizing the audio simpler.

If you’re understanding a item that you’ve not heard prior to, it might be useful to obtain a recording of it and perform the item a number of times till you are able to keep in mind it. You understand you are able to keep in mind it should you can perform it inside your head whilst performing some thing else, like driving inside your vehicle.

Here’s the classic technique, which is frequently a great alternative:
Divide the audio into areas. Begin using the left hand only, and perform it till you do not require to appear in the audio. Then add the correct hand and practice till you are able to perform both hands without having searching in the audio. Then move on towards the following section. This way, the audio becomes a component of the muscle memory.

Whenever you really feel you’ve got the item under your fingers, examine your memory from the item. The very best way I know of to accomplish that’s to perform it for somebody. Most individuals, such as me, really feel some quantity of anxiety when performing for viewers of just about any size, even 1 individual. So, playing for somebody is really a certain method to discover out how nicely you understand a item of audio. As soon as you’ve played it as soon as for your practice audience and created several errors, as you most likely will, you’ll know exactly where your weaknesses in memory are. Then you are able to concentrate on building up your memory of individuals areas from the item.

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